Celebrity Patents—OR How Not to Let a Little Thing Like Fame Get in the Way of Being a Smart Inventor with Business Sense

By Andre Meyer 20 Oct 2016

Whether you’re living in Outer Mongolia or in Sydney Australia, every now and then inspiration hits somebody and they think, “Oh! An idea!” And for some reason this idea takes hold of an imagination and it gets developed into some sort of invention that somehow finds its way into a

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Cocaine and Cola Nuts—Trademarking a World Brand

By Andre Meyer 14 Sep 2016

How did a recipe largely comprised of caramel and carbonated sugar water became one of the most recognised and most valuable brands in the world? It’s no secret that the science of marketing is central to the success of the Coca-Cola story and the key image of that marketing is

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The CPAP Machine and Masks — How ResMed Reinvented the Science of Sleep

By Andre Meyer 23 Aug 2016

In an ideal world we’d all get enough sleep, quality sleep. But not all of us do. Sometimes it’s our own fault; we spend way too much time working or playing. Sometimes we’ve made a decision that means that we’ve had to sacrifice some sleep time; like the decision to

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Reasons You Should Register Your Trademark

By Andre Meyer 21 Jul 2016

Business is all about making money and anyone who tells you otherwise is either deluded or lying. And there are certain fundamental laws and principles of sound business practice that you ignore at your peril. One key principle is that you have to “spend money to make money”, or, in

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By Andre Meyer 23 Jun 2016

Throughout history there have been smart and inventive men and women who have designed solutions to problems. Some of them have been so smart that they’ve even designed solutions to problems that didn’t exist! Nevertheless, our entire civilization is based on the fruits of uncountable hours that talented people have

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The Cochlear Implant — How Science Fiction Became Reality

By Andre Meyer 23 May 2016

Anyone growing up in the 1970s in Australia might be forgiven for spending way too much time watching television. One of the most popular programs of the mid 70s was The Bionic Woman, a spin-off of an equally popular program, The Six Million Dollar Man. Both shows were based on

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The History of the Rubik’s Cube

By Andre Meyer 26 Apr 2016

One of the world’s most popular puzzles began life in a much simpler version than the one we’re used to. In March 1970, Canadian inventor Larry Nichols filed a patent application for a 2 x 2 x 2 cube puzzle made up of a cube of 8 smaller cubes. This

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Ford awarded a patent for its puddle light

By Andre Meyer 14 Nov 2015

Ford was recently awarded US patent 9,178,371 for a puddle light with status display. The background portion of the patent states that it is generally known to provide puddle lights in certain motor vehicles. Such puddle lights illuminate the immediate surroundings of the vehicle in the dark when the vehicle

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Apparatus for simulating a “high five”

By Andre Meyer 02 Oct 2015

It is a big sporting weekend in Australia. Some unfortunate fans will, however, be watching the televised NRL and AFL grand finals on their own. According to Albert Cohen, the inventor of US Patent 5,356,330, this can lead to unique difficulty. The background portion of the patent describes the problem

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