Some of the Most Interesting Inventions of 2017

By Andre Meyer 06 Dec 2017

As the year draws to its inexorable close we start asking ourselves, “Well, what was THAT all about?” No doubt this is a question that inventors seeking to patent their work and that patent attorneys in Sydney, New York, London and everywhere else are asking themselves too. Some of these

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Keeping Up Our Collective Cool

By Andre Meyer 05 Nov 2017

Summer is here again, at least in the Southern Hemisphere. And with summer comes heat and with heat comes the desire to be cool, humans being the contrary creatures that we are. Time to turn on the air conditioner, but did you know that the air conditioner was originally invented

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To Infinity and Beyond

By Andre Meyer 16 Oct 2017

It might seem paradoxical, but some things that seem possible but difficult, like flying cars, are actually very, very difficult and close to impossible, while other things, seem horrendously difficult but are actually more possible, like spaceships. The evidence of this is that there have been far more spaceships –

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Up, Up and No Way

By Andre Meyer 07 Sep 2017

The history of invention, like the history of evolution, is one of amazing successes and spectacular failures. Just like the rest of life, invention failure far outnumbers the successes. For every poppy seed that turns into a flower zillions more end up decorating breads and bagels. And some areas of

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Having Designs on Hats

By Andre Meyer 17 Aug 2017

Hats aren’t nearly as popular as they once were, which is a real shame, because there’s something particularly appealing about a person in a hat. There’s nothing quite like a hat for a short-hand way of making statement and giving an impression very quickly. Somehow, you want to take a

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Trading on Our Marks

By Andre Meyer 10 Jul 2017

It’s a little known fact that people in the modern world, who grow up in cities dominated by the activities of major corporations are far more likely to recognise company logos than they are to be able to identify local plants and wildlife. For better or worse, trademarks are part

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The Apple of Our Trademarking, Copywriting and Patenting Eye

By Andre Meyer 07 Jun 2017

Imagine that you’re an inventor or entrepreneur, just starting out and struggling to turn your brilliant idea into a commercially viable venture. You might be looking to protect your intellectual property from commercial theft through patents and trademarks, say in Sydney or anywhere else in Australia. There are challenges, but

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The Joys of Winter Patents

By Andre Meyer 09 May 2017

As the cooler seasons come to the Southern Hemisphere it’s time for people to start rugging up. Global warming notwithstanding there’s still enough of a nip in the air to make people start thinking of staying warm. Throughout thousands of years people have been finding solutions to heating up, but

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Easter Patents

By Andre Meyer 17 Apr 2017

People who are “invention-oriented” like to come up with solutions to problems. Another way of saying this is that inventors, at some point, come up with an idea that satisfies a need. But coming up with an idea isn’t enough to keep that idea yours because intellectual property laws, which

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Patents in the World of Cricket

By Andre Meyer 15 Mar 2017

Cricket is one of those sports that are totally associated with a particular culture, but have still managed to find new homes in unexpected places. Baseball, for example is the sport of the USA but has a strong following in Japan. Golf is inarguably Scottish, but it has spread far

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